About us

As one of the most successful whole seller in the world we are proficient in Distribution, foreign representation, consulting and many other areas. We know what clients suppose. Our history began in 1924 as small family business and ended up to become one of the most prosperous and fastest growing company in eastern ASIA. In 20th Century we understood the challenge of trading and today in 21th Century we have an overview on market evolution. Today’s commerce is dynamic developing it has the ability of evolving in a nature that was not recognized before.

We believe in bringing Potential together to make sure that synergies created in the most efficient way. Today the flow of information on the one hand and the obstacle of information on the other hand is one of the most frequently reasons to have a successful business or to lose.

This is why we believe only a global network of companies can guarantee the ability to choose the right partner, the right time, the right place with the most efficient funding structure possible. In relation to these concepts which we build in our long history we have many operating places around the globe and especially in eastern ASIA.

These are our operation fields around the GLOBE:

Hong Kong
Guangzhou (mainland China)
Sierra Leone